speaking topics

Mindset, Action & Resilience

I truly believe that you can achieve anything – if you know how to tackle it effectively.

Whether you have limbs or not, life can be challenging. In dark and difficult times, it can be difficult to find motivation.

Throughout my life I have subconsciously developed a process that has helped me overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. A process that has allowed me to walk on prosthesis, draw without hands, live independently and start a business.

Now I’m looking to teach this process to others to help you increase productivity, and achieve even your most difficult goals. If I can do it, so can you!

Building Self Worth

This talk is aimed at accepting yourself for who you are and understanding your true value as a human being. Once you do this, achieving your goals becomes simpler.

As a child I didn’t see myself as being any different from the people who surrounded me and despite the endless surgeries and physical struggles, I managed to stay strong and battle on.

However, as a teenager and young adult, things changed; I refused to accept myself for who I was and continually sabotaged my life, creating a severe downfall in my mental health.

My quality of life has always been directly impacted by my self-worth more than my physical disability. As I have developed my career, I have been on a journey of discovering my true value and I wish to help others discover theirs by sharing my story and techniques!