Liam McKelvie

My Story

The day before my 2nd birthday, I contracted meningococcal septicaemia. This led to amputating both my legs and hands.

Growing up without limbs was not easy. So I’ve had to embrace certain mindsets and attitudes to overcome difficulties, both mental and physical. 

 I’ve always had to push my boundaries to find out what I’m truly capable of. Now I’m looking to spread my attitudes and approach to others who can hugely benefit from my experience.

My Vision

I believe that you can achieve almost anything you desire; however, we often hold ourselves back and limit our potential. I want to change this.

My life purpose is to help you create a positive existence for yourself. I want to inspire and drive you to make changes towards creating the life you dream of.

Our time on this planet is limited, yet most of us waste our time living in disappointment, just drifting from day to day with no purpose, reason or ambitions.

If I can inspire as many people as possible in one lifetime to take a leap towards finding purpose, a leap towards achieving their goals or a leap towards finding happiness, I will be complete.

In my ideal world I would not need to inspire as we would already believe in ourselves and each other. We would all surround ourselves with positive people, positive experiences and think with a positive mindset. However, this is not how the world works.

I feel it is my passion, purpose and duty to inspire you.

I feel it is my passion, purpose and duty to help create the world we dream of.



I seek to inspire as many people as I possibly can in one lifetime by showing them ways that I have overcome adversity to forge ahead in life and how you can too.

We all have troubles with our minds, whether it be mindset or mental health, and it’s not often we find ways to improve on our situations.

I am a believer that we all make our own destinies and if I can help others in their path to self-fulfilment then I will have achieved my goal.


The day before my second birthday I contracted meningococcal septicaemia. Doctors claimed that this was the worst case they had seen in years, if not decades.

To stop the disease spreading up through my limbs towards my vital organs, they were amputated.

Both legs below the knee, one arm through the elbow and the other above.


Since the weeks and months after my amputations I have always used lower prosthetics. Throughout time I have learned to walk without any assistance or needing a wheelchair as a backup. Sometimes I can become overexerted by walking too far or standing too long but due to my continuous development this is becoming less common.

I have never managed to use upper prosthetics effectively as I can use my remaining limbs efficiently. This includes to write, draw, cook, eat, drink and look after personal hygiene. I have always believed that if my arms were any shorter this would not be possible and for that I am grateful.


I was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. In fact, being surrounded by rivers, lochs (Scottish lakes) and mountains helps inspire my positive mindset and attitude towards life and the world in which we live.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the weather.