Zero limbs. Zero limits.

Hello, my name is Liam McKelvie, and at age 2 I lost all four limbs to meningitis. From this moment forward, I have had to adopt many positive mindsets and attitudes. I believe every human being is capable of almost anything, regardless of how many limbs they have.

Invite me to speak, and I will help shift the minds of your staff, students, or audience into positivity and self-belief.

Liam McKelvie
Liam McKelvie


Liam McKelvie

Motivation & Mindset

 We all have potential lying deep within us, regardless how many limbs or differences we have.

By showing people how I overcame my struggles, I wish to inspire as many people as possible to break their own boundaries – both mental, and physical.

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I met Liam a few weeks back and was very keen that he gets the opportunity to share his story and the inspirational way he has overcome his challenges turning disability into ability.

JIM DALLAS, Angus Carers Centre

Liam has gone through so much in his life so far and hearing this direct from him, with zero ego or any requests for pity, just raw emotion with salutary learnings for us all.

ALAN CAIRNS, iTech Media

He talks from experience and the heart and his story is compelling and moving… His story and advice has left a lasting mark on all of the team – each getting something useful out of the talk on a personal and a professional level.

DON MARSHALL, Exporta Global

It is not often that you run an event and the entire audience are completely engaged and attentive for a 45-minute talk. 

PETER BRAND, Northern Trust

Liam is an outstanding speaker! He delivers his message with a real force – and it leaves you feeling a whole range of emotions, but mostly passion, to get your own life into gear!

I took away tangible actions to move forwards on some personal projects I’ve ignored for too long. 

FIONA LACKENBY, Creative Services Manager at Insights